While Nadja was spending a time in the legendary wine bar Ved Stranden 10 in Copenhagen and Andrej came to visit, we both found a friend in the artist Martin Kalhoj who has his beautiful gallery in Store Kongensgade 22 close to Nyhavn.

After many glasses of wine, the idea of creating the wine labels together came up.

Finally we felt in love with the style of these kind of faces and this is actually the work of Dorthe Kalhoj, Martins sister.

At the end a wonderful collaboration between the four of us has been grown and the result are these amazing paintings which have now a place in our home and were transformed into the labels for our wines by our other friend, graphic designer Adrian Ferda from Sväty Jur.

We are really thankful and unbelievable happy with our decision.

If you love these paintings as much es we do, please check out their website and stop by in the gallery when you are ever in Copenhagen.


Paintings of vintage 2019 plus Orbis 2017


Paintings for our labels vintage 2016


Paintings of our labels vintage 2018

2017 paintings.jpeg

Paintings for our labels vintage 2017