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Nadja, Andrej and Ryba.

Nadja, originally from Germany, found her passion for wine a time ago. More as a hobby and semi-part of a winery in Austria, she started to make it to her job and life. While working in an amazing wine bar in Copenhagen, we started to build our new winery in Sväty Jur.

Falling in love with the man and the country, she moved to Slovakia and the journey of NABOSO began. Beside making wine together with Andrej and taking care of the sales, she is also doing ceramics under her brand earthea

Andrej is doing wine since over a decade but more under the radar. In this time he got lots of experiences and improved his winemaking from year to year. His pallet is extraordinary and his will to learn and improve is endless. With energy, charisma, technical understanding and of course with always a smile in his face, he shows he just loves doing wine.

Together we bring in our different knowledges and experiences from the wine business and build a perfect symbiosis to make for us the best wine as possible.

All work is done by the two of us and for us it is important to have the connection to every process in winemaking by ourselves. 

Ryba is our so called "Security Manager". Race: Vineyard Terrier. She is the beautiful soul of NABOSO and part of the family.

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