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We make wine because we love wine.

From treating the vines in the vineyards as best as possible during the whole year, over harvesting the grapes to the right time, maybe foot crushing them, watching the fermentation, decision making, development in barrels, bottling, labelling, waxing - then they are ready to leave home. Getting positive feedback from people out there that they love our wines is the best treat you can get. 

The whole process gives us so much joy and often we end up with good wines in our glasses and realizing: This is what we love to do! Our philosophy is quite simple. We do natural wine, but at the end we want to make good wine. The wine has to be stable, without faults, drinkable, enjoyable and most importantly: We have to like it, otherwise it will not leave our cellar. 

Right now we have around 5 ha, all vineyards just outside of the town.

All our sites lie on a bedrock of granite with rich, sandy soils, with all vineyards facing south to south east.

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